The latest clip from Tangled Ever After has arrived. The Pursuit clip is short but sweet and gives us insight into the new Tangled short that will play before Beauty and the Beast 3D.
Liam Neeson stars in The Grey and the film has released two new clips. In each Grey clip, it is easy to see that surviving a plane crash was the least of their worries as they are being hunted by grey wolves.
We've got the first five minutes of Steven Soderbergh's latest picture, Haywire. Haywire stars Gina Carano as a spy who is double crossed and must find who's responsible while trying to stay alive.
The gang from Tangled is back in Tangled Ever After. A new clip from Tangled Ever After has arrived and features Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) and Flynn's (Zachary Levi) wedding.

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