As Warm Bodies sets to gnaw its way into theaters this week, the film puts a new take on that old movie villain, Zombies! The zombie genre has produced some brilliant pieces of work over the years -- Night of the Living Dead anyone? -- but we want to know: Which zombie movie is the best?
A Haunted House lands in theaters and continues a tradition of spoof movies that began with Mel Brooks and Blazing Saddles. Airplane made it a blockbuster and now the Wayans brothers live by it. So what's your favorite?
As Matt Damon returns to writing and starring in a movie with Promised Land, we look back at his career. Damon has had many highlights, so tell us: What is Matt Damon's best movie?
With Monsters, Inc. returning to theaters in 3D, it shows off the brilliance that is Pixar. Few studios have achieved such greatness in a short amount of time... what's your favorite Pixar film?
Gerard Butler is back onscreen in Playing for Keeps as a professional soccer player who plays the romantic field as well. The Scottish actor is becoming huge and we wondered: What is his best movie thus far?
December movies are bringing the heat and we wonder which one has you most excited. From The Hobbit, Les Miserables, Django Unchained and The Impossible, the Oscar bait movies arrive... as well as fun films Jack Reacher, This is 40 and The Guilt Trip.

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