The summer has all but concluded and so it's time to look back at the best of summer movies. From The Avengers to The Dark Knight Rises, the superheroes are present, but with The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel making the list, adult dramas are also well represented.
Tony Scott, visionary filmmaker, passed away over the weekend after an apparent suicide. In honor of his stellar career, we present the Top 10 films of Tony Scott.
With The Bourne Legacy continuing the greatness that is the Bourne series and its envelope-pushing action, we name the top 10 action series of all-time. From James Bond to Lethal Weapon... who's number one?
As Total Recall storms into theaters remaking the 1990 classic, we wonder which of the long list of Hollywood remakes is number one? Could the best remake of all time be Martin Scorsese's The Departed, The Ring or something else?
The Toronto Film Festival has announced its lineup and it includes Ben Affleck's Argo and Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing. Movie Fanatic gives you our top 10 films to watch for this year at TIFF.
From The Sixth Sense to The Usual Suspects, our top 10 movie twists of all-time manages the impossible. Try to figure out where films such as Fight Club were heading when witnessing it for the first time.

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