The weekend movie preview finds horror (The Conjuring), action (Red 2) and animated family fun (Turbo) hitting theaters. This weekend also finds the biggest stars in new films, such as Bruce Willis, Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges and Anthony Hopkins.
The fireworks have gone off and Hollywood is presenting several new features for this weekend movie preview. The Lone Ranger, Despicable Me 2, Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain and The Way, Way Back are all opening this weekend.
The weekend movie preview features a battle of two flicks with clear cut bad guys and good guys (and girls) -- White House Down and The Heat. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy headline The Heat, while Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum star in White House Down.
The weekend could belong to Brad Pitt as he fights zombie monsters in World War Z. Or, could the weekend movie preview highlight the return of the monsters from Pixar in Monsters University as top film at the box office?
The weekend movie preview finds a wildly original home invasion story, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson reuniting and Joss Whedon doing Shakespeare. Lots to choose from with The Internship, The Purge and Much Ado About Nothing hitting movie houses.
The weekend movie preview for this Memorial Day holiday is jam packed with thrills, spills and another raging Hangover. Fast and Furious 6 picks up speed, The Hangover Part III closes out the series and the animated Epic gives something for the kids.

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