America Ultra Trailer 2: Agent Howell Has Been Activated!

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I gotta be honest, I have a love hate relationship with both of American Ultra's stars. Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart (Twilight) can both be brilliant and grating at times. 

It appears that when put together in a comedy, we're going to get brilliant performances out of them both. 

Eisenberg plays Mike Howell, who is a sleeper agent activated while working at a mini-mart, suddenly capable of taking out two other agents with merely a spoon he was prepared to use for his cup-o-noodles. His girlfriend Phoebe wonders, "Why are people trying to stab you?" to which he responds, "I don't know, but I'm like freaking out. I have a lot of anxiety about this."

There are times when Stewart can seem a little too unemotional, but playing a stoner thrust into these bizarre cirumstances, the trailer indicates she's hitting all the right notes. The same with Eisenberg. His anxiety-ridden, spoon-wielding, suddenly-activated sleeper agent seems to be written just for him. This opinion, of course, comes off of a recent viewing of The Double, so I'm a bit heavy on Eisenberg at the moment!

Other stars in American Ultra include Connie Britton, John Leguizamo, Topher Grace, Bill Pullman and Walter Goggins. 

American Ultra will be released on August 21.

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