Ant-Man Trailer #2 from Marvel UK

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When you add just the right music to a trailer, it can really spice things up.

Such is the case of the latest trailer from Marvel UK for Ant-Man. The music seems to put a whole new spin on things, as does the reveal of Scott's line upon hearing that he's needed to be the Ant-Man..."I think our first move should be calling the Avengers."

Does anybody have line delivery like Paul Rudd?

Just hearing him say that brings this whole thing into giddy focus. Rudd's going to be a super hero for goodness sakes! He's really paid his dues and deserves this. The more they slowly reveal of Scott Lang and the Ant-Man, the more it sinks in that it's his turn.

Another thing of note, am I the only one who likes international trailers a whole lot more than those from the U.S.? The U.S. trailers tend to put such a dour spin on things, honing in on Lang's past as a criminal and that he has to revisit it to become a hero, while in Japan the focus was on fatherhood and here it's just plain fun. 

Maybe it's just me.

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