Aubrey Plaza Exclusive: The To Do List Interview

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Aubrey Plaza and The To Do List director Maggie Carey talk about their sex comedy. Plaza also talks working on TV with Parks and Rec, and the joys of movies.

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The To Do List
Aubrey Plaza
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Interviewer: I want to start, first of all, with the woman to your right and why she was the perfect choice to lead your film. She is beyond perfect. Maggie Carey: She is perfect! Aubrey Plaza is perfect as Brandy Clark. What I love best in the movie is...I mean, Brandy Clark is a very type A, brainiac type of girl, but I loved it when you'd have these Aubrey Plaza moments seep through. I will say, in the masturbation scene, there is a very Aubrey Plaza moment in there that I could never have written. So it was awesome to work with you. Aubrey Plaza: When I was humping the pillow, or when I was...? Maggie: Humping the pillow...I think this movement. Aubrey: Oh yeah. Maggie: I think that says a lot, for those of you who haven't seen it. Aubrey: I invented that move. Maggie: Or it's this. Aubrey: I invented that. Interviewer: Well now, the world has it. Maggie: This is where she was so fearless too, because, she shot that and whenever people would come on set I'd be like, "Queue that take! You've got to watch this" Best masturbating you've ever seen! So it was awesome to work. Aubrey: I can still hear my own breathing. Interviewer: It's haunting you? Aubrey: Yes. I can hear my breathing everyday. Maggie: Even less what your hands are doing, and more your eyes, you're so clearly thinking about trying to enjoy this moment. Aubrey: Yeah. Trying to figure that shit out. Interviewer: That's how they would do it. Aubrey: You would know. Interviewer: Oh no, I am far from valedictorian. Now, what struck you most about her story when you first read it? Aubrey: Well, just as a whole the movie was just really funny to me. I felt like it was a really honest portrayal of that awkward time in a girl's life when they are trying to figure out sexual things but they really don't know what they're talking about, but they're overconfident. I just never read anything like that ever before. I never really read a script where you see a girl give a hand job for the first time and, I've always wanted to see that. Interviewer: Especially... Well we don't want to give anything away. Because, that would be too much of a spoiler. Curious, when you came up with The To Do List, was it a fluctuation list? Could you add to it, could she bring things to it? How could she kind of narrow it down? What made the list and what, maybe, didn't? Maggie: I will tell you what didn't. There was a scene, it was cut early on, but there was a scene where she met a touring lip sync group around a campfire. This, again, dates me because I grew up in the '90's. Growing up in Boise, Idaho, 1993 is more like 1998 there, and I met a group of boys who were touring the malls of Idaho, which, there's two of them. They were lip syncing and "OPP" was one of the songs they lip synced. I was going to have a makeout scene, just a makeout, it was very low key. That was cut from the movie, but, I did get "OPP" the song in the movie. So, that was great. Aubrey: Thank God. Interviewer: Having the career of both TV and movies, is it kind of different playing a character that's in a movie because you kind of have the beginning, middle, and end, or is it a different process for you? Aubrey: Yeah. I think you kind of hit the nail on the head. When you're doing a movie, it's like you have a journey and, like you said, there's a beginning, middle, and end to it. So, there's kind of this contained experience. When you're on a TV show, you just get to know your character so well that, that's really cool too because there's no end point. You just kind of get to go along for the ride. Interviewer: Congratulations to you two, such a fun, fun movie. Maggie: Oh, thanks. Aubrey: Thank you. Interviewer: I can't recommend it enough to the world. Maggie: I'm hoping you're a father of all girls. Interviewer: I am a father of a new girl, two months old. Maggie: Oh... Aubrey: Cute. Maggie: Then, one, I'm sorry that you saw this movie, but, two congratulations. Interviewer: The scene towards the end of the movie, where Clark is talking to you, I swear I got verklemmt. And I'm like, "Why is this making,"...she's like, "I just want you to be okay." That's how I feel everyday. Maggie: You know what, that scene too...I love "Sixteen Candles" and the...Molly Ringwald in that moment on the couch her dad. That's what I do think Aubrey did such a great job with, yes there's total raunchy comedy, there's lots of stuff that she does, but then they have these real moments between the characters that are fun.

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