Billy Crystal Exclusive Interview -- Monsters University

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Billy Crystal talks about his latest flick, Monsters University. Crystal even clues us in to which New York Yankee he believes Mike is most like.

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Interviewer: Well, Billy thank you so much and congratulations on another piece of work. I heard somewhere that Mike is your favorite character. Billy Crystal: Yes, he is. Yeah. Interviewer: Why is that? Billy: Well, look at him. He's so much fun to play. He's an odd looking little guy but he's got a great heart, and he believes in his self and he fights for what's right and he's feisty and he handles disappointment good and he moves forward; and he's hilarious and he's a leader and he makes other people feel good around him. I like that. Interviewer: I know you love your Yankee's and I do as well; and I'm just curious, past or present, there's somebody that you think Mike is like as a New York Yankee? Billy: Here's who he might be like, he might be like Billy Martin, who is the manager of the team, a feisty little player, ended up becoming the manager of the Yankees. Interviewer: Couple of different times. Billy: Yeah, four times, I think. lead them to a world championship, as a player and as a manager. In fights, sometimes not the most likable guy, but he got results out of this team. He challenged them, and Mike does that in this movie. Interviewer: I was kind of hoping you would say that. Billy: Really? Interviewer: Oh,yeah. I was either thinking him or Phil Resue a little bit. Billy: I knew Phil very well. Interviewer:Yeah. Billy: But Phil was sweet. Interviewer: He was sweet. Billy: Mike was also, but Mike as an edge to him. Interviewer: Okay. Billy: He barks at them like Billy Martin used to do. Interviewer: Are you kind of surprised that you're back playing Mike? Did you ever think that this franchise would move forward or backwards as the case is? Billy: I was just thrilled that they did another one. I would have been surprised if someone else played Mike. Interviewer: Nay. Billy: When John Lasseter came up to me, actually a party up here, and came over to me and said, " We're gonna do a sequel, but it's a prequel, they're in college". And he walked away and I went, " Wow what a great idea". And then we just started talking about what it was gonna be and we just got started and it was a real honor to play him again. I love him. Interviewer: We all do too, and I think everyone loves his relationship with Sully. Billy: Well, the reason I think it works so well is, one, it's really written great , but John and I act together. Interviewer: Oh, really? Okay. Billy: We do it together in the studio and it's a very honest, real , fun, spontaneous relationship; where John is such a good actor, and I'll tend to want to improvise in places and he never bats an eye, he's just right there, he's like a good catcher. he catches it and throws it back. You know, it's great.

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