Charlie Day Exclusive: Monsters University Interview

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Charlie Day talks exclusively about his part in Monsters University. Day also reflects on his monster summer, with the Pixar movie and also Pacific Rim.

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Interviewer: Charlie, Thank you for visiting with Movie Fanatic today. Charlie: All right, my pleasure. Q. I've got to start with, what does it mean to you personally to be in a Disney Pixar movie? Charlie: Well, I'm very lucky. The phone rings and someone up there wants me to be apart of what they are doing and you know you're stepping into an environment with hundreds of people who are working very passionately about making something that is both entertaining and funny and touching. I felt privileged to be apart of it. Interviewer: Do you have a favorite Pixar movie, or is it hard to choose? Charlie: It's really hard to choose. I do love "The Incredibles", and that's one that I can always throw in the DVD or Blu-ray player and watch over and over again. I love "Up". I love how touching that was. They're all great. Interviewer: Now, we see your character behind you, over your shoulder. Now, when you first got the script did you have an idea what he would look like? Charlie: No, I had no idea, and they hadn't given me the entire script at first, but series of pages. It was a big mystery. When I showed up to record, they showed me a drawing of the guy, which was great because instantly that was funny. They started explaining the story to me and then I got the bigger picture and I was very excited. Funny guy. Interviewer: Did that shape your performance a little bit once you saw a physical... or had you already started? Charlie: Yeah, a little bit. They described the character to me and what he was supposed to be like and I tried different thing. Although I felt as though I just kept slowly going back to who I am and what I sound like anyway, which I think is the nature of what I they do so wonderfully is to find the spirit of the actor and put that in the movie. Interviewer: Well, you play a monster in "Monster U". You play a guy that fights monsters in a "Pacific Rim". Is this your summer of monsters, and are you playing all sides? Charlie: Look, you are absolutely right, I'm kind of playing both sides of the monster coin, and I don't know if that's fair but true I'm for the monsters and then later this summer I'll turn right around and be against them. So, that's me, I'm a flip flopper. Interviewer: You know we just talked how much it means to you to be in a Pixar movie. I mean in the same summer. Can you wrap your head around your Guillermo Del Toro movie, and your Pixar movie. Charlie: I still can't wrap my head around either of them. I think both of those people have made a terrible mistake, but hopefully it all works out.

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