Concussion: Inspirational International Trailer

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The world is an amazing place.

The way movies are marketed to the United States and the way they're marketed internationally is completely different.

The international trailer for Concussion shows a side of the movie that's inspirational, more or less devoid of the political angle.

It's Dr. Bennet Omalu (Will Smith) and how he spends his time with the dead, looking our for them, talking to them.

In this version of the movie, he has a hell of a lot more support than it seems he does in the US trailer, from the likes of famed physician Dr. Cyril Wecht, portrayed by Albert Brooks and Dr. Ron Hamilton, played by Stephen Hamilton.

The initial story centers on famed Pittsburgh Steelers player Mike Webster (David Morse) after his death and what Dr Omalu discovers as the cause of death.

Football players use their heads as weapons, leading to tragic results.

That's certainly not anything the NFL football franchise wants to hear, and keeping it quiet is in their best interest.

Filmed in my beautiful city of PIttsburgh, the movie has been controversial since first announced.

This can be your Christmas present, as it opens in theaters Christmas Day.

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