Craig Robinson Rapture-Palooza Interview

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Craig Robinson talks about starring and producing Rapture-Palooza. Robinson also sings his song from the film, I Want To Touch Your Booty.

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Craig Robinson
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Rob: Thanks guys, for visiting with me today. Craig: Yes of course. Thank you. Rob: Thanks for inviting us to your apartment. This is a great place. Craig: It's nice. Rob: You've got a great flat-screen. Craig: Thanks for getting the word out about this. Rob: Thanks for putting up the poster. Interviewer: [Of course], what can I do? Craig: You're on it? You're on it. Rob: Am I on the poster? Craig: You are on the poster. Rob: He is not letting me see. Craig: I will not let you because I don't want know. But you are on it. Rob: But you can let me see it. Craig: Uh-uh. Rob: He won't let me see it. Craig: You're on it. Rob: Am I on the poster? Craig: Yes. Rob: As long as I'm on there. Craig: Thank you. Interviewer: Just don't turn around. Rob: I won't. Craig: Gosh. You're the only one on the poster? Interviewer: That's right. That's all you need to know. Rob: Great. Interviewer: Speaking of riffing, what makes a good improv partner? Craig: Trust. Interviewer: Trust? Craig: Trust. Rob: Alcohol. Craig: Familiarity. Rob: Familiarity. Craig: Just a basic, really openness. Because even if you just meet somebody and y'all need to improv, it has to be an openness, a playfulness, like children on a playground. "Hey, you want to play?" "Yeah." And then you assume you two are going to play together, and it's going to be fair, and da da da da da. So I think openness and a basic trust. Rob: Give and take. Interviewer: Give and take. Back and forth. I'm going to put you on the spot. What's he like as a producer? [inaudible 01:24] Rob: Yeah, yeah. He was one of the executive producers of the movie, and... Interviewer: Do you think he [inaudible 01:33]off the poster? Rob: Absolutely. I want to say that it was a real joy to work with Craig as a producer on the movie. Certainly know that Craig was the one that hired me. Craig was the one that signed my paychecks. I had a great time on this film. It was a joy to be there. I got to work on time every day. I memorized my lines, and at the end of the shoot, I bought everyone a gift. Thank you for having me. Interviewer: You're very welcome. Well done. I'm curious also what you guys think. "End of the World," for me, I know there's a lot of movies that explore that idea. But what do you think there is about it that's so ripe for comedy? Throw the caution to the wind? Craig: It plays on your imagination. Everybody has an opinion on what the end of the world would be like, and it also has all these human elements of fear and what you would do in that situation, so it's ripe for somebody to come in an go, "Well, okay, this is what we would do." We've got plenty of serious movies about it. Here's somebody going, "Okay, check this out. This is what it's like two years into the rapture." Rob: That's exactly what I was going to say. Craig: Shut up! Interviewer: He is the boss. You know your role. Speaking of which, what was it like playing the beast? Finding your inner beast? Craig: I had a ball finding my inner beast. Just finding this character and figuring out what his insecurities were. Rob: I thought you were thirsty. Craig: And why he decided call himself the Antichrist and the things that he's done. To take over the world, it was just fun to know that he could at anytime just snap his fingers and have whatever he wanted, and who hasn't at one time or another thought about doing that? Rob: He's got all kinds of powers. He can do anything he wants. He can have anything he wants. Interviewer: What's that? You take a lesson there? Craig: So yeah, I felt like he could just go anywhere he wanted. It was fun to mime that and mix that salad up of everything and just play with it. Interviewer: I was going to ask you about being producer. What is the story have to say to you to put your name on it? Because I know it's a little bit of extra work. Craig: Hey, hey. There were so many characters that it was going to be fun to plug in. You get your friend's work and make these words come to life. It's got to be something that makes me laugh, as well. Those kinds of elements went in. Something I could be proud of and have a vision for. Rob: And you can get your song in there. I want to touch your booty. Craig: Hey, girl. Rob: All night long. Craig: Hey, girl. Rob: I want to touch your booty. Craig: It's me. Rob: All night long. Craig: Bring that booty over here. Rob: I want to touch your booty. Craig: Now, girl. Rob: All night long. Craig: Right now. Rob: I want to touch your booty. Craig: Did you hear me, girl? Rob: All night long. Craig: I don't see no booty. Rob and Craig: I want to touch your booty.

Rapture-Palooza Review

Rapture-Palooza is that other end of the world comedy starring Craig Robinson that is arriving for audiences this June. Whereas his This...

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