Deadpool Red-Band Trailer: Ryan Reynolds In Superhero Movie With A Twist

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With great power… comes great irresponsibility.

That’s right, the red-band trailer for Deadpool has dropped.

If you’re thinking that you’ve seen Ryan Reynolds try his hand at the superhero genre, you’d be correct. But this time, he’s avoiding green animated suits and sewing his mouth shut.

Reynolds plays Wade Wilson, a mercenary who takes part in an experiment that’s supposed to help him with his cancer. Instead, he’s left with abilities, a twisted sense of humor, and a really messed up face.

Like topographical map of Utah messed up.

This trailer reveals the movie will be an origin story of the anti-hero Deadpool, complete with bloody action and explicit language.

And was that Colossus from X-Men taking a swing at the merc with the mouth?

I don’t know a lot about Deadpool’s story from the comics, but the movie  looks like a fresh and different take on the superhero genre that should be a fun and entertaining time.

With the multitude of superhero movies coming out, this one definitely has me intrigued.

Deadpool opens on February 12th, 2016, with a cast that includes Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, T.J. Miller, Gina Carano, and Brianna Hildebrand. 

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