Deadpool TV Spot - Now with Round House Kick!

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Ryan Reynolds is having a blast with his role as Deadpool.

You can just tell. 

And, heck, who wouldn't be having a good time wearing that suit?

Alright, maybe not wearing the suit. It seems hot and stick and like it would itch.

Especially if your skin was all scarred. Just sayin'.

The premise of the movie and the character is super fun and no matter if you're new to the idea of a fan from way back, you should go see it.

Why? Because we all love superheroes. And this one isn't really all that super in the conventional sense.

He's super in the unconventional sense and when haven't we wanted our heroes to say this garbage when someone is plummeting to the ground from a beam on a bridge after he's just been responsible for breaking the thing to bits?

When does superheroing ever look all that heroic?

I'm going to vote Deadpool for President.

Morena Baccarin never does play a damsel in distress, does she?

Good for her.

Round house kick is about 20 seconds.

Play it and then replay it and play it again. Nobody's gettin' hurt!

Deadpool appears mysteriously in theaters February 12. 

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