Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy - Before Midnight Interview

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Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy talk about their third pairing in Before Midnight. The movie couple audiences adore also dish what film couple they'd like to have get a sequel.

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Before Midnight
Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy
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Interviewer: Start with the writing process. It seems so organic that you two and Richard. If talk about it and how different it is, maybe from other experiences you've had and how nice it was. Ethan: It's not like any other experience . . . I: Really? Julie: It really works. It's not . . . Ethan: . . . to co-write a movie with your director and your co-star. Why does it work? Julie: It's worked from the first film. Richard hired us; there was an original screenplay, but he really wanted us to have more than just input as characters or actors. We started that process and it just worked from the first day on, when we first went to Austin, even before we went to Vienna, we spent a week working on the screenplay; reworking everything, changing it. It just worked. We realized . . . and we were young, so we thought, "Maybe it's going to work like that for everyone." Then we realized, the years went by and we . . . Ethan: We had a special thing happening. Julie: We did 'Waking Life' together, and we realized, "That connection is unique." Then we did it again. We decided . . . that's what decided us to do the second one. Ethan: That was where the idea of revisiting these characters really happened. Just being in a room together on 'Waking Life' again and realizing that, "Wow. This is really fun and creative." We . . . Julie: Fun and . . . not fun like 'ha-ha', but real exciting, really fun and exciting. Ethan: Jesse and Celine were fun to us. It was an interesting relationship. Interviewer: It's a couple, and I think that audiences that fall for a couple in a romance would love to check back in with these people over the years. It's been really wonderful for them to be able to check in with you guys. I was curious if you two had a couple in the heart of a movie that you wouldn't mind seeing years later? Ethan: [inaudible: 01:40] The one that jumps to my mind is 'Reds'. I love that couple; John Reed, Louise, and like, but he dies at the end of that movie so, they're not going to get back together, I don't think. Julie: [inaudible: 01:53] is more like Hitchcock films. I'd love to see the two from 'The Birds', when they survive the birds; what happens in their relationship. All those Hitchcock films, I'm obsessed with the dynamic of the man and the woman. It's very different, it's not at all our [inaudible: 02:12], but I love the dynamic of those films. Also, I would love to see Minnie and Moskowitz as a sequel. What happened to them now? Seymour and . . . that would be amazing. Interviewer: Yeah, because it's such a rarity that you can . . . in a romance movie. You mentioned Richard as a co-writer and a collaborator. What do each find so special about him as a director that's so unique? Actors just flock to him. Ethan: People make good movies, actors flock to them. That's just . . . he has his own voice and he has from the moment, for [inaudible: 02:52]. Julie: Even the way we write for him. I write for other films, and I write differently for other films that I write for myself, or I'll write different. For him, I know I can go to a place, like writing those long monologue about telling stories. Ethan: It wouldn't work in another film. Julie: I know wouldn't write like this for someone else, in a way, even for myself. It wouldn't be this . . . I wouldn't go in that direction, but he really gets us to go in that direction, and that's his voice. We compliment what he wants to do, but still in his own style. I wouldn't go for that style of writing if it wasn't for him, in a way. I think he . . .

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Before Midnight reunites Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy two decades after they first met on that fateful train in Before Sunrise. It also...

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