Isla Fisher Now You See Me Interview

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Isla Fisher talks about making Now You See Me. Fisher's biggest challenge was performing a magic act underwater.

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Now You See Me
Isla Fisher
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Interviewer: One of the things I really liked about this movie is that it has that old caper film feel to it. Is that one of the things that jazzed you about the project? Isla: Yes, but it was set amongst this very contemporary, original, wild story, that had more twists than any other heist movie or thriller that I've seen in years. Interviewer: Twists that you don't see coming either. Isla: No, never. I feel like that end reveal is one of the most shocking moments in the movie. Interviewer: Magic, was that something you were attuned to? Did you have to do a lot of research, talk to magicians to learn some of the tricks of the trade? Isla: You know what; I was definitely the kid that, if there were a magician at a party, I was the one closest to it, being the most excited and freaked out by whatever stunt they were pulling off. As I've gotten older, I hadn't really maintained an interest in it, so to circle back when I got the gig and start researching Harry Houdini again, and researching this wonderful lady magician called Dorothy Dietrich, who caught a bullet in her mouth. It's just so exciting to delve back into that world. Interviewer: You have the scene where your character is submerged in water. How did they do that? What was that like for you? I imagine you were really in there. Was that a little CGI? Isla: No, I was in that tank for 3 days, and actually on the third day that we shot it, I was a little wrinkled prune. The handcuffs that they made me were magnetic so I could get free, but the chain that joined them wasn't, and got caught under the bottom of the tank. I actually almost drowned; I was stuck for a minute. I had to swim down, set myself free, and get to the surface. Interviewer: Your character, Henley, has a past relationship with Michael, Jesse Eisenberg's character. Could you talk a little about that relationship? Isla: She used to be . . . my character, Henley, used to be the assistant to Michael Atlas. She was handing him props, and eventually, she worked her way up to becoming a magician. He wouldn't allow her to be his equal in their act, so she had to splinter off on her own and create her new life. He's still a little bit jealous and patronizing to her, that she's managed to do that. They have this cute, familial rivalry; there's an actual attraction there, so it's not that sibling. It's a lot of fun to play. Interviewer: It's a good dynamic between the 4 Horseman; you got the two of you, Woody Harrelson and Dave Franco. There's a nice chemistry between you 4. Isla: You know what; we really like each other in real life. I don't know if the boys will tell you that. Did they? Have you interviewed them? Interviewer: You're the first I've talked to, so we'll see. Isla: I can attest that we all love each other; we had a really fun time.

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