Jessica Szohr and Josh Gad -- The Internship Interview

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The stars of The Internship, Jessica Szohr and Josh Gad, talk comedy titans Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. The Internship lands June 7.

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The Internship
Jessica Szohr
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Jessica: Hi. Josh: Hi, Joel. Joel: Hello, guys. Joel Amos here, from MovieFanatic. How are you both? Josh: Great. Jessica: We're doing well. We've been traveling all morning. We've been in Mexico City, Italy, LA, in his living room now. Your living room, now. Josh: In your living room. You have a beautiful clock back there. Joel: Thank you. A little a Casablanca love over here. Josh: Yes. Jessica: I thought that's what that was. Awesome. Joel: You guys look remarkably well for traveling the world this morning, I have to say. Josh: Thank you very much. We feel a little jet-lagged, but good. Joel: You can't even tell. Good for you guys. First of all, thank you for joining me today. I have to start with having you guys experiencing these guys first-hand; what is it about Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn . . . Jessica: What is it about us, Vince and Owen. Joel: . . . working together? Yes. Jessica: First, 'Wedding Crashers' is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. To be a part of 'The Internship' and work with him, Vince, Owen, and Shawn Levy, it was incredible. They were as professional as they could be and super on-point. To banter and just watch them bring things to life that aren't even written down or anything, was incredible and such a learning experience for myself. Josh: There's some great comedy duos in the history of film, and that all comes from chemistry and it comes from a level of repartee and banter. I think that Vince and Owen have this incredible banter down to a science. Jessica: Literally a science. Josh: The two of them, literally, the musicality of their tone together . . . Jessica: Is nuts to watch. Josh: . . . is so fun to watch. One is so fast and sharp and the other is slow and deliberate. Jessica: Mellow, almost. Josh: Like, mellow. I think that that's part of the joy that we get from watching them. To then get to spar with them comedically, to improv with them and to do the work with them is so rewarding because, as Jessica put it, we grew up watching 'Wedding Crashers'. That was . . . Jessica: It's a little, too. My first day on set, I was a little intimidated and still wanting to go and bring my A-game, be organic, real, and present in my character. I'd be like, "Oh, my God. I'm working with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. Just how on point they were, it was very rewarding and it was a learning experience. We want to do every movie with them forever. Josh: Yeah, and we're going to. Jessica: We're going to. We want an internship at Google because it's the coolest place on Earth. Josh: It's unbelievable. Joel: Seriously. That looks so much fun. Do you feel that not only did you have to bring your A-game, but do you feel like you really learned a lot, not just from Vince and Owen, but also from Shawn? He's just a veteran, as well. Josh: Shawn is like the . . . literally, every movie that he makes, make $100 million at the box office. I don't think that's coincidence, I think it's the fact that Shawn knows how to speak universal themes in a way that is so . . . Jessica: And the way he communicates with actors, the crew, and everything; the way he looks and his vision of how he wants a shot, to how he wants the comedy of it. He lets you grow and breathe in what you're doing, but also knows how to bring it out of people, as well. He's incredible. Josh: That's right. From 'Real Steel' to 'Night at the Museum', his movies are so profoundly relatable, and I think that 'The Internship' is no different. Easily, Vince and Owen's follow-up to 'Wedding Crashers' could've easily been an R-rated comedy that was just crass and whatever. They found a way to maintain all of the things we love about them comedically, but also do it in a family-relatable comedy, which I think is also very cool because the marketplace is saturated with R-comedies right now. Jessica: More or less, the movie, what we've been talking about is whether you're in college, going through a relationship with your parents, or with the economy and losing a job, figuring out what you want to do with your life, love-life; this is what this movie all brings. It's relatable also because it's Google and everyone knows what Google is on the planet. It's funny and it's a real honest, true story that everyone can relate to, and it's funny. We had a really great experience. Josh: It's like the live-action 'Up'. Joel: Exactly.

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