Jim Rash & Nate Faxton The Way Way Back Exclusive Interview

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Jim Rash and Nate Faxton talk about their latest, The Way Way Back in our exclusive interview. The Community star and Faxton are following up their Oscar winning work on The Descendants.

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The Way, Way Back
Jim Rash, Nat Faxton
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Q: At the start, writing, a lot of times, is a solitary endeavor, and how you two came together and what you like so much about working with the other. Jim Rash: I think, we started writing together when we met at the Grauman's Theater, in Los Angeles. You write with everybody in the cast. You write on your own. I think we just found a natural sort of fit. It was easy, and I think you're always sort of, every, especially when you're writing with a partner, you're already both bringing something to the table. We just found an ease at that, and I think that's sort of what started us wanting to write bigger things. Nat Faxon: It's fun, too. It's fun to brainstorm, and improvise, and do bits back and forth, and then try to remember them, and write them down. Their, it sort of goes beyond the friendship, and then sort of accelerates, I don't know, to another level, in a way. It's like, it's..... Jim Rash: Yeah, it's just like a euphoric friendship. Q: Oh, yeah. Jim Rash: To get to another level. Nat Faxon: Friendship is here. I know, it did sound kind of weird. Jim Rash: No, it's just like, oh, my God. It's like a dream state of friendship. Q: It's beyond blissful. Jim Rash: I mean, everyone should get this. Nat Faxon: It's so true. It's so true. That was weird. Jim Rash: It's ecstasy in a weird way. Q: It truly is, and you can tell. It comes through, on every frame of film. It really does. You leave the theater a changed person. Nat Faxon: Because of that sweet spot that we have. Q: Exactly. You just hit it. And when you are sitting down to write something, how do you decide if there's a, you're gonna play a part in the film? You didn't always do that, you know, in Descendents. What was it about these two characters that you're, like, 'Well, that one's for me.' Nat Faxon: I think we started out as actors, and our writing career was sort of born out of a frustration of the roles that we were playing, and then it sort of took off on its own. I think we always, we're always trying to satisfy, and satiate that acting craving that we have. We always look for things that could work, but I don't think it's certainly a necessity in everything that we write. But, certainly something like this, where the water park is filled with these eclectic characters, it felt like. When we first wrote this, I think we did think, 'Oh, we could play these small parts in it.' Then, eight years later, I don't think we knew that we would direct the film. But then, when we did, we realized that was very stressful, acting, and directing at the same time. Especially when we were both in scenes together. Jim Rash: Plus, I was this close to being Matt King in the Descendents. It's not like we didn't think about it. Nat Faxson: And Clooney almost played Lewis. Jim Rash: Yeah, Clooney was..... Q: Gosh. I would have paid money to see that. Nat Faxon: Yeah, I know. It was a different choice. Q: And what surprised you about directing. I mean, was it a bit more of a challenge than you expected, or did it kinda meet your expectations? Jim Rash: I don't think you ever expect it. I think we sorta walked into it knowing, after we spoke with so many directors, and got their advice. Anything they told us, they said, 'But you'll discover that there, ever surprise around every corner, and you'll never be asked more questions, than you've ever been asked in your life, and you have to be the person with the answer.' I think that, I mean, we certainly, thoroughly enjoyed, because we were doing a passion project that we've always wanted to. It's been eight years trying to make. We knew it well, and knew what we wanted, and we knew the tone, and all those things. I think we walked into it, though, knowing this was going to be a huge learning experience, and the beginning, hopefully, of a longer career of honing our skills.

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There is an uncanny charm to The Way Way Back that is utterly contagious. The film did decent business upon its release this past summer...

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