Joe Dirt 2 Trailer

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The trailer for Joe Dirt 2 is here. And it is everything you thought it could be.

Of course, that's not really saying much. The film will apparently be released across the country in any case, even though it is quite unclear why.

Who asked for a follow-up to Joe Dirt? Anyone you know? Just curious.

For reasons unknown, David Spade is reprising his role from the 2001 comedy. In the sequel, Joe gets lifted by a tornado and taken back to 1965.

There, he meets some old friends and new villains, while getting his penis stuck in an airplane toilet. The iconic movie hits theaters July 18.

Christopher Walker, Mark McGrath, Patrick Warburton, Adam Beach, and Susie Abromeit make appearances in Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser.

Can you even handle the excitement?

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