Kevin Hart Exclusive: Let Me Explain Interview

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Kevin Hart talks exclusively about his new stand up comedy big screen film, Let Me Explain. Hart also dishes which big screen stand up movie is his favorite.

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Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain
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Interviewer: Kevin. Kevin: Yes, sir. Interviewer: Thank you so much for visiting with me today. Kevin: Thank you. Thank you for having me. Interviewer: I was curious what you think the keys to a great standup comedy movie are and how you tried to hit those marks. Kevin: What do I think the keys to a great standup movie are? Wow, man. You know what? For me, it was showing growth. It was showing growth in me as an artist and as a comedian. From "Grown Little Man" to "Seriously Funny" to "Laugh at My Pain" to now "Let Me Explain", I think I have grown. Interviewer: Oh, yeah. Kevin: I think you see how I've matured. You see how my life has changed and how I've adapted to those changes. I think that's what's important to me, your content, your content constantly changing and evolving. That's the pressure that I put on myself. That's what I want to see for myself. I think within "Let Me Explain", you definitely get that. Interviewer: Oh, yeah. Kevin: Definitely. Interviewer: Oh, yeah. Was there kind of anything you changed to the approach because you knew you were telling these jokes for 30,000 people, like MSG. Or is it kind of a good joke is a good joke? Kevin: You know what? The beauty of it, man, is making those rooms intimate. When you can make a room of 30,000 or 15,000 people intimate - in other words, when you're talking it's quiet... Interviewer: Yeah. Kevin: ...that's a different ballpark of, "Wow." Interviewer: Yeah. Kevin: That's like, "I can't believe it." It's like I'm talking right now, and it's beyond quiet. I can hear. This is ridiculous. Then, when you say your punch line, the reaction is, "Oh, my goodness! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!" And the laughs are coming from wall to wall. But for me, it's making that big room an intimate room. Interviewer: What struck me more than anything besides it being balls to the wall hysterical is how touched you were, and you showed that right at the end, and how much it meant to you to play MSG. Was that always the goal, or were you kind of really surprised in some ways that you got there? Kevin: It's always a huge goal. You just don't know when that goal is going to be achieved. It's something that everybody thinks about. Interviewer: Sure. Kevin: The fact that I got to it when I did was amazing. I was wowed by it, and that's why I got emotional... Interviewer: Yeah. Kevin: ...because I really thought about what I was doing in the magnitude in which it was. Interviewer: Yeah. Kevin: So that for me hit me hard. Interviewer: Yeah, that was really touching. Kevin: It hit me hard. Interviewer: That was really touching. Lastly, do you have a favorite standup comedy movie? Kevin: Do I have a favorite standup comedy movie? Interviewer: Or is it hard to choose? Kevin: Very, very. But I will go Bill Cosby himself. Interviewer: Yeah. Kevin: That's what I'll say right now. Interviewer: Got it. Got it. "Chocolate Cake." All right, man. Thank you so much for your time.

Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain Review

Creating a great, knock it out of the park, stand-up comedy movie is no easy task. Think about it. Over the decades of film history,...

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