London Has Fallen Teaser Trailer

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Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart are back in the London Has Fallen teaser trailer.

Sorry Brits, if you thought you were getting off easy, it looks like nothing is sacred. Sure, you laughed as the White House exploded into flames in Olympus Has Fallen, but now it's your turn!

And other than Butler and Eckhart running about, there isn't much else to go on other than all of the groovy explosions and shots of the streets on London in panic mode.

The first half of the trailer is a rehash of what went down in Washington and news the British Prime Minister is dead. I'm sure the people will not be pleased to learn the American mourners have brought with them the crazy loons who just leveled America!

Of the two "let's attack America via the White House" movies that were circling over the last couple of years, Olympus Has Fallen won handily over White House Down. It was incredibly entertaining, and if the follow-up is anything like the original, then we're in for a jolly good time!

If you missed the first, you can watch Olympus Has Fallen online until London gets its chance to fall, too!

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London Has Fallen
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London Has Fallen Trailer