Maya Rudolph Sam Rockwell Exclusive: The Way Way Back Interview

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The Way Way Back stars Sam Rockwell and Maya Rudolph talk about their summer film and their favorite summer jobs. Rudolph also dishes about having three movies out this summer.

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The Way, Way Back
Maya Rudolph, Sam Rockwell
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Interviewer: First, I have to start with Liam. I mean my goodness. Sam Rockwell: Yeah, great. Interviewer: What an announcement he has made with this film. Maya Rudolph: Yeah. Interviewer: What do you think is so special about that kid? I mean you both kind of hung with him a lot in this film. Maya: He's funnier in person than you think he's going to be. Sam: He us funnier in person. He's just real natural up there, you know. Really, he's great. Maya: Yeah, but he's got -- it's funny. Like you can put on airs as being sort of young and in that place where you're not an adult yet, and he's aware that that's where he is and yet he's just innately there. But he's also playing it too, and like you said, really naturally. How old is he, 39? Sam: He's 39. I think he's pushing 50, actually. Interviewer: Yeah, he's knocking on that door. Maya: Knocking on that door. Sam: Yeah, he's been hitting the streets for a while. Interviewer: We had talked a lot throughout the other rooms about Jim and Nat, and they're great fantastic, gifted effort of writing and directing. But I was curious, what you guys took away from them, as fellow actors? Maya: I knew them, initially as fellow actors from our many, many years of chuckles and yucks, at the Groundlings Theater here in lovely Los Angeles. Interviewer: Just down the street. Maya: Just down the street. Interviewer: Sure. Maya: Like 20 minutes from here. Sam: Yeah. Maya: But I've seen Jim, actually direct at the Groundlings as well onstage, and he's really natural, he's really good at it. Sam: Again, they're really compassionate towards what you're doing in front of the camera. They made a really mellow set. You know they really made us feel safe. And because obviously, Maya felt familiar with them but it was a safe set to fool around. Maya: Yeah. Well also, Jim with his Louis hair was hard to take very seriously as an authority figure. Interviewer: Obviously it seemed like, quite the fun summer job. I mean what was the fun-est summer job you each had? Maya: I never had a fun summer job like this. Like are you ready for the summer? Like you think you're going to have that. I was never a camp counselor or... Sam: I worked at McDonalds. I just remember I worked at McDonalds and I worked at this deli. Maya: Nice. I think... Sam: Yeah, for a summer job. It wasn't fun. It's was horrible. Maya: I think food service by the way I think it's very important as a rite of passage. Sam: I think so too. Maya: I think you learn really good things about how not to treat people. Sam: I think you're absolutely right, yeah. Yeah, I think you're absolutely right about that. Interviewer: Now lastly, Maya, you've got three movies out this summer. Maya: I know. Interviewer: How about that? I know you have no say in when these things come out, but I mean how does that feel as a performer? I mean three films in the summer movie season. Maya: It's good, and listen let's be honest, if you spread them throughout the year, then you've got plenty. It's all good. It makes it sound like I'm really busy, doesn't it? Interviewer: Yeah, it does. Maya: I'm not that busy. Interviewer: Not that busy? Maya: No.

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There is an uncanny charm to The Way Way Back that is utterly contagious. The film did decent business upon its release this past summer...

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