Even from these Annabelle movie trailers videos, it's easy to see that the horrifying doll from The Conjuring getting her own movie was a good call!

Annabelle TV Spot

Annabelle TV Spot

The first TV spot for Annabelle. The film is a prequel to The Conjuring.
Annabelle Trailer

Annabelle Trailer

Annabelle trailer is here! The prequel to The Conjuring is coming soon.
The horrifying doll from The Conjuring is getting her own movie. Annabelle is a prequel and traces the origins of the horror.

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Annabelle Quotes

[whispering to Mia] I like your dolls.

Thin Woman

[to Mia while possessed] May God have mercy on your soul!

Father Perez

Annabelle Review

For those who adore The Conjuring, the news that producers were going back in time for a prequel that focused on that haunting doll was...

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Annabelle Trailer