Jackie Brown Movie Trailer

Jackie Brown Movie Trailer

The trailer for Jackie Brown, Quentin Tarantino's third film he directed and wrote. Jackie Brown is based off the Elmore Leonard novel, Rum Punch.
Rating: Unrated
Jackie Brown is the follow-up for Quentin Tarantino after Pulp Fiction. It is based on the Elmore Leonard novel Rum Punch.

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Jackie Brown Quotes

Ordell Robbie: Look, I hate to be the kinda nigga does a nigga a favor, then, BAM!, hits a nigga up for a favor in return. But I'm afraid I gotta be that kinda nigga.
Beaumont: What?
Ordell Robbie: I need a favor.

Ordell Robbie: I got this young nineteen year old country girl named Sheronda. I found her on a bus stop two days outta Georgia, barefoot, country as a chicken coop. I took her to my place in Compton, told her it was Hollywood.
Louis: She believed you?
Ordell Robbie: Hell yeah! To her dumb country ass, Compton is Hollywood; closest she's ever been anyway.