Nathan Fillion Exclusive Interview - Monsters University

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Nathan Fillion, star of Castle, talks about his first Pixar movie, Monsters University. Fillion also chats what's harder, voice acting for animation, or Shakespeare for Whedon in Much Ado About Nothing.

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Monsters University
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Interviewer: Nathan, thank you so very much for your time today. Nathan: Thank you. Interviewer: Such a pleasure. I've loved your work for years. Nathan: You have excellent taste. Interviewer: Oh, I know. I've heard that before. Did your paths ever cross with John Goodman making this movie? Because I know animated movies you sometimes don't work together. But I really feel like his jock in Revenge of the Nerds and your jock in this could be cinematic jock bookends. Nathan: It's an excellent point. I just missed crossing paths. My brother, actually, had a conversation with him at an event one night. And I don't know where I was. I wasn't there at the time. By the time I got there John Goodman was gone. I have yet to meet John Goodman. Interviewer: Well how about that. Wow. Nathan: But I'm looking forward. Interviewer: Yes. Well, knock wood, hopefully that will happen. Nathan: We'll have something to talk about. Interviewer: Soon. Indeed. I'm just curious. What was tougher, finding your voice to do voice acting work on this film, or reciting Shakespeare in Much Ado? Nathan: Reciting Shakespeare much harder. For this the concern was I didn't want to do a charactery... Interviewer: Sure. Nathan: Voice that I would have trouble maintaining perhaps. We started working. Started to find something. Once we found it went back to the beginning and started again. It's essentially my voice just lightened a little like when you call your mom and how you soften your voice. Interviewer: Yeah. Nathan: And you kind of bring it up a little bit. It's a little more harmless. It's a little younger. That's all we had to do. Shakespeare? Oh my God. It's like a different language. Interviewer: It is. It is. And how was that experience? I mean it's... Nathan: Very challenging. Interviewer: Yeah. Nathan: And very rewarding. I'm so glad I did. Interviewer: I loved it. I absolutely... Nathan: Thank you for that. Interviewer: loved it so much. What would you say is your favorite part of playing this guy in Monsters U? Nathan: My favorite part about playing Johnny Worthington would have to be the fact that he is flawed but doesn't know he's flawed. He's tragically flawed. He can not see the value of incredible people. Right? People who we know what they're capable of. Because we've seen Monsters, Inc. We've been to the future. We know what these guys can do. He can't see their worth. And that's his flaw. And he's OK being that way. He thinks he's fine, doesn't need to change. Interviewer: Well, he certainly commands attention during the scary games. And I was curious for you personally what of the events in the scary games would you actually kind of like to try. Nathan: I think dodging those little anemones would be fun just because they're glowing and they're in the dark. I thought it was a little unfair when they started throwing them at him, though. That was a little bit unfair. Interviewer: Yeah that a little unfair. Nathan: And I'm very sensitive skinned too. I have a lot of allergies. Interviewer: Oh. Nathan: So maybe that's a bad idea. Interviewer: That would not work well. Nathan: Let's cancel that one. Was there a napping competition? Because I would ace that. I would ace that. I don't think it made the cut. Interviewer: There should be. Nathan: There was a napping but it didn't make the cut. Interviewer: Oh. Should be. Lastly, we just talked at the beginning how great it is to be here at Pixar. What does it mean to you personally to now be part of that universe? Nathan: I'm very fortunate in my position, in my line of work, that I can participate in projects with companies like Pixar that I'm so enamored with. These guys do amazing work. They do excellent, incredible work. They tell amazing stories. And now, I get to be a fan who's also a participant. I feel like I have a little piece of this incredible

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