Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays Exclusive: The Smurfs 2 Interview

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Jayma Mays and Neil Patrick Harris talk exclusively about their roles in The Smurfs 2. Harris and Mays also dish if they could create a Smurf, what would be their name.

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The Smurfs 2
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Interviewer: Thank you so much for visiting with me today. Neil Patrick Harris: My pleasure. Interviewer: I got to start by asking; what do think it is about the institution that is The Smurfs that is so resonated for so long? I mean, is it hard to put a finger on it even? Neil: It is. It's generational. Peyo created these as a children's book in Belgium. I think he just caught, he caught something really wonderful and simplistic, these little blue creatures that each one has their own individual personality trait. It's something that literally everyone can relate to, because if you're cranky and stubborn, there's a Smurf that kind of represents you. And, if there's Poet Smurf, then you kind of wish that you were more like that. And so for little kids it's something easy to associate with and for adults it's something easy to connect to. And then in the Hanna Barbera cartoon in the 80's kind of turned it into you know 80's hip kitch with the collectables and now we get to swing it around with a whole new generation with the 3D technology, which I think blends itself really well with the Smurfs. So, we're bringing it back baby. Jayma Mays: Bringing it back. Interviewer: Yeah. Well, I was actually thinking if you guys could create your own Smurf, like mine would be Hypochondriac Smurf. I think that would be a great Smurf. And like is this infective, you know? What would you create and what would their personality be? Jayma: I would create I-talk-way-too-much-about-my-cat Smurf. Neil: Your cat Smurf? Interviewer: That's a good one. Neil: That would be fun one. No one would like them though. Jayma: But I do, well that's me now, right? Interviewer: The Cat Lady Smurf? Jayma: The Cat Lady Smurf. Neil: The Cat Lady Smurf. Jayma: Maybe that's a better way to say it. Cat Lady Smurf covered in fur. Neil: I think the one mushroom everyone's like, don't go up to mushroom on your right. Jayme: Right? Interviewer: Cat Lady Smurf's there. Jayma: Yeah. But how many is too many? Neil: I'd be Cirque Smurf. Jayma: Cirque Smurf. Neil: I'd be able to do contortions and single handstands. Jayma: Yes. Interviewer: Oh, yeah. You guys get to share a bunch of scenes in this one with one one of my favorite actors in the world, Brendan. I love him. What did it mean to you to work with him and what did you take away from it? Jayme: I was really excited he was doing the film. Neil: Yeah. Brendan's a big part of Victor's in every single scene that Patrick's in, pretty much, with few exceptions. It was nerve racking for me when they were trying to cast the part, because I wanted them to get someone that I would enjoy acting with. Because in a family movie like the sequel to Smurfs, you don't want them to just cast someone that's famous, that's noteworthy, but no necessarily talented, super talented. And then they got Brendan and he's just amazing. I mean, he can do all of the CG stuff and the comedy stuff, he's got kids of his own who like the Smurfs. But he's also just grounded in authenticity at every turn. And, he had to do some ridiculous things. Interviewer: Oh, yeah. Neil: He had to turn to a duck. Interviewer: A duck. Neil: He had to be without clothes on in the middle of Paris streets. And, he could still do it, be crazy doing it but you still trusted that he was like a good person, like a real actor person. Loved it. Jayma: He makes it look good. Neil: Yeah. Interviewer: This ended up being the final film with Jonathan Winters ever made. Neil: Yeah. Interviewer: What did it mean to you two that you share a film with this icon? And it's his last one? Jayma: I think it was really special that we were able to be, or I was able to be a part of the last film that he's done. And, his voice just was so, it was so perfect for Papa. Neil: He's amazing. Jayma: He's amazing. Neil: I watched him be so crazy for decades on TV and on Johnny Carson and with just all over the place. And then, to have it end with Papa, who is so kind of the opposite of that, very calm and passive and wise. It is was a nice little coda.

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