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Sadly, we aren't all flying around on hoverboards or wearing self-closing shoes, but we have still made it to 2015. And while Jaws 19 wasn't playing in theaters, it did make it's own reappearance in theaters this summer in honor of it's 40th anniversary.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 is the day Marty McFly landed in the future in Back to the Future II to save his family. On that day there will be a splashy new Blu-Ray release of the entire Back to the Future trilogy in a nifty light-up flux capacitor case, as well as a special showing of all three of the movies in select theaters nationwide to honor the 30th anniversary of the first film.

Is that a great date for all of this to go down, or what?

Included in the Blu-Ray release will be a 64-page book, a vinyl soundtrack and the entire Back to the Future animated series, among a host of other extras. 

You can keep an eye on the official Back to the Future website for updates on where the trilogy will be playing and to get your tickets. I went to the Jaws showing that had two dates and multiple times and the theaters were packed. Something tells me this trilogy is going to be an event that sells out fast!

Are you going to be there? Surely the only thing that could keep you away would be a job (yes, we all have them) or sitting at home in front of the comfort of your 55 inch LED TV watching the Blu-Ray set. Am I wrong?!

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Back to the Future Movies Quotes

[Marty places headphones over his father's ears and wakes him up by playing Van Halen music at full blast. George wakes up screaming - Marty pauses the music. George looks up to see Marty, who is unrecognizable because he is wearing a radiation suit]
George McFly: Who are you?
Marty McFly: [after giving him another earful of loud rock music] Silence Earthling! My name is Darth Vader. I am an extraterrestrial from the planet Vulcan!
[makes Live Long and Prosper sign with his hand]

Marty McFly: Listen, you got a back door to this place?
Bartender: Yeah, it's in the back.