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The Heat star Spoken Reasons talks about working with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock and how they had him hanging off a four-story building! Spoken Reasons also dishes his influences, from Will Smith to Chris Rock.

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The Heat
Spoken Reasons
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Interviewer: First, I've got to start, what was it like getting hung off the side of a building by Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock? Spoken: All the blood rushed to my head. Interviewer: Okay. Did that make you more into the scene, or was it kind of . . . Spoken: No, it felt real, because I don't like heights. I don't like being in the air. Even when I fly, I don't look outside. I keep my window down. So being upside down from a balcony, hanging about, what, 200 feet, that's not what it is. That's not something that you want in life. But no, it was cool though. It was something that I've never done before, and I was willing to take the challenge. Interviewer: Well, you suffered for your art, and we're all better for it. Spoken: Yeah. I believe in that. Interviewer: Yeah, no kidding, and I've got to also say that it had to be quite a thrill and an honor. I don't want to put words in your mouth, but working with Sandy and Melissa and if you could talk a bit about what you took away from working with those pros. Spoken: Working with those two, they're different. I haven't had an opportunity, well I have in one scene, but it wasn't very much time. When I was working with Sandra, there were times when she would pull me to the side and she would give me little hints and tools, and she told me it was a secret and I can't tell it. So she would pull me to the side every now and then and she would tell me hey, do this do that or you should do this. And I've never had an acting coach before, so just getting advice from her is something that I can always remember for the rest of my life. And around Melissa, one thing about her, instead of just being an actor, she taught me that I can take whatever I'm doing on the screen and sharpen up my stand-up skills. Because she's so good at just doing whatever with her lines, it gives me more of a go to go on stage and just be quick on my feet, because she's very quick on her feet and she doesn't miss a jump, she doesn't miss anything. So that's what I like about her. Interviewer: And I've also got to say, for one of your first real big projects out, to be working with a director like Paul, I mean, this is like all a win-win for you. I can't even believe it. Besides being the sharpest director in the world, what was he like as a helmer for you? Spoken: He was very open. He was very free. He wasn't too strict, but the main thing that he wanted you to do was do you. Do what he hired you to do and bring that character to life. And you just doing that, if you apply that, you were on his good side pretty much. Interviewer: I'm curious about your coming up and all the different hats that you wear, and if (1) there was ever anyone that had said, "Look, you know, you're really good at all these things, but you need to pick one." Was there ever anyone like that? And also, I think we live in a time when it's okay for people to do everything they're passionate about. So how did all these gifts come together and you were just able to challenge them all? Spoken: I tell people that it wasn't something that I planned. It was something that I would literally wake up day by day. Like I said, I did poetry. Didn't know I wanted to do poetry. I got into YouTube. They told me I was funny. I've always been funny. And then next thing you know, I did stand-up comedy. I won $500 the first time doing stand-up. I didn't know that I was going to do stand-up and become a comedian. And then it forced me to, when they told me to come to Hollywood and do my own stuff, I was forced to budget my own stuff, do my own short film, and I ended up writing. Then I ended up producing, and I could already edit. So these things just came to me. And I always told myself when you learn a little bit about everything, that's when you become something great. And that's why . . . it wasn't something that I planned. It just came, and I don't know which one I want to pick. But if I had to pick, I would be a writer. Interviewer: Oh yeah. Spoken: Because writing words are powerful, and at the end of the day when you die, that's all you have. Interviewer: Well, I don't think you'll have to choose. I really don't. Spoken: Oh no. No. no. Interviewer: Do you have inspirations, comedy inspirations, writing inspirations? Who gets your juices going? Spoken: You mean as far as comedians? Interviewer: Comedians, writers, anybody that's kind of working their art. Spoken: I'm inspired by Chris Rock. Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle as writers. I'm inspired by them. And I'm inspired by Will Smith.

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