Puss in Boots Viral Video

Puss in Boots Viral Video

Puss in Boots has a new viral video where the kitty we adore from Shrek talks about the power of his pants, or lack thereof. Antonio Banderas is Puss and brings along Salma Hayek for the first film solely devoted to Puss in Boots.

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Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas Photo

Antonio Banderas is from Spain. Before becoming an actor, he dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player; that is, until he broke his foot when he was 14.

Many of his movies are in Spanish, however today, he is well-known from his roles in English speaking movies also; his first English-language role was as Pedro Tercero Garcia in The House of Spirits.

Since then, he has been in Miami Rhapsody, Assassins, Never Talk to Strangers, The Mask of Zorro & The Legend of Zorro, The Body, Spy Kids, Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams, Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over, and Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World.

He also is the voice of Puss in Boots in Shrek 2, Shrek the Third, Shrek Forever After, and the 2011 upcoming film, Puss in Boots.

Málaga, Andalucia, Spain
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