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The cast of The Bling Ring talk our obsession with celebrity. The Bling Ring follows the real life robberies of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan by a group of celebrity obsessed rich kids.

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The Bling Ring
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Interviewer: First of all, you guys, thank you so much. Congratulations on a stunning, stunning piece of work. I was curious what each of you thought why this story is so resonate, that we still are talking about it years later. What is it about what happened with these bling-ringers that people are so fascinated? Claire: I think the story is just as relevant today as it was when it actually happened, because not is it just a statement about how stealing is bad and how you need to earn these things in order to properly attain them, but also, this celebrity obsession; how people get so into celebrity these days, and they feel like they know them personally with Twitter, Instragram, and all these reality TV shows. People just take it to extreme lengths, and they just have this obsession that really just isn't okay. It's not natural and it's not normal. Interviewer: What aspect of this story resonated most with each of you? It definitely is multi-layered. Katie: What I thought was really interesting hearing about Rachel, the actual girl, her reaction to being arrested. She asked, "Did you speak with any of the victims?" He said yes, and she goes, "Did you talk to Lindsay? What did Lindsay say?" That, really, I think is so . . . it wakes you up. You're like, "Oh, my God. This girl, she just got arrested. Instead of asking about plea deals or having a lawyer, she's . . ." Taissa: This is what she's thinking about. Katie: ". . . she's concerned about what those girls still think about her." It was insane. I think that was really sobering for me to learn about. Interviewer: Absolutely. I think when we look back over time, Sophia is going to be heralded as one of the best of our time. If you could each quickly just talk about what it means to you to look back and say that you appeared in one of her movies. Israel: I think she took a chance on me. Would I say I deserve it? No. She a very gentle and genuine woman, she's very real. I think that's what . . . it's actually opposite. This film is opposite Sophia; this movie's about celebrities and phoniness. I guess she just sheds light and brings the truth to that and how she can do that and get away with it, meaning she can do that and you still leave that theater not really judgment but not really excitement, it just jerks your emotions around. To look back and say that I've worked with Sophia is definitely an experience I'm very, very proud of it. Katie: Yeah. Same goes for all of us, I think. Claire: Yeah. Julien: Yeah. Interviewer:: You should all be . . . Claire: I'm really honored that the first movie that I was really in, I was able to work with such an incredible, amazing, talented female director, not just that she's a wonderful director, but also that she's a huge inspiration as a big female presence in the industry, in Hollywood, and in LA. It's, I don't know. I really look up to her, and she's really inspiring to me to do what I want to do, do it with strength, do it with conviction, and just really work hard to get what I want.

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