The Hateful Eight: Watch the First Trailer for Quentin Tarantino's Latest!

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One of the first things I'm reminded of when watching the first trailer for The Hateful Eight is Quentin Tarantino doesn't feel the need to pepper his movies with youth just for the sake of doing it. I applaud him for that.

This cast is simply amazing, the actors turning in noteworthy performances, something apparent even from watching the little over two minutes we get to see of them in action. 

Samuel L. Jackson (Kingsman: The Secret Service​) rules as Major Marquis "The Bounty Hunter" Warren. "If you move a little strange, you're gonna get a bullet." If that's not enough to get you to freeze up...

Kurt Russell (Grindhouse) is John "The Hangman" Ruth and Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Machinist) is Daisy "The Prisoner" Domergue. She's about to get hanged, if John has his way. Did you catch the quick cut to her with the absolutely crazy look on her face in the stagecoach? If not watch it again.

Other stars include Walter Goggins as Chris "The Sheriff" Mannix,, Michael Madsden as Joe "The Cow Puncher" Gage and Tim Roth as Oswaldo "The Little Man" Mobray.

Take a look now!

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The Hateful Eight
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The Hateful Eight Trailer