Time to Choose Clip: Solar Power to Nairobi

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Oscar winner Charles Ferguson's latest documentary, Time To Choose, premiered last night at the Telluride Film Festival. 

It certainly has an agenda as it's all about climate change. There isn't a climate change doc out there that doesn't have something specific to say. 

The official information on the film is as follows:

Oscar-winning documentary director Charles Ferguson turns his lens to address global climate change in a new film showing the breadth of the climate challenge, the power of solutions already available, and the remarkable people working to save our planet - from American farmers and African villagers to Indonesian anti-corruption officials and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.  

In the clip, it sure seems like a good idea to allow the citizens of Nairobi to buy a solar panel so they aren't dependent on paraffin and will own their own power source within a year. See for yourself and seek out the film if you get a chance.

For more info, visit timetochoose.com

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