Way Way Back Stars Steve Carell & Allison Janney Exclusive Interview

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The Way, Way Back stars Steve Carell and Allison Janney talk about their best summer ever... and the answer might surprise and make you laugh. Carell and Janney also dish why making their summer film felt like... summer camp.

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The Way, Way Back
Steve Carell, Allison Janney
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Jerry: First of all, congratulations you two. My gosh, what a fun, fun film. Allison and Steve: Thank you. Jerry: Duncan seems to have the summer of his life in this film. What was yours? Steve: The summer of my life was probably after my freshman year of college. I had started to date a woman at the end of my freshman year, fell in love. So my buddy and I decided to drive across the country. He was going to visit his family. I was going to surprise her at summer stock. I got there, and when she saw me I immediately realized she was dating someone else. So I drove all the way back with my friend. Allison: That's not a good summer. Steve: That was the summer of my life. Jerry: Well played. Allison: Mine, just what he said, I don't know my summer of my life. I just liked going to the beach with my friends and having it be summer. Summer was just a magical time; suntans and baby oil. Jerry: Oh yeah. I'm not sure if you guys shot it over the summer, but it just kind of had this summer camp feel for actors. Is that safe to say? Steve: It's exactly what it was. We were all living there in this little coastal town in Massachusetts, and it was really quaint and very inviting, and the locals were so happy to have us there. Allison: We were at Marshfield, Mass., and the community just welcomed us. We all had houses that were not too far from each other. We walked down the beach to work. It was really a great situation. Steve: It was really fun. Jerry: This is such a true ensemble movie. Was that kind of one of the big appeals of it, be a spoke in the wheel of this magnificent piece of work? Steve: I just wanted to be a part of it, yeah. I thought the script was great. I loved the story. It just felt like it was going to make people happy, and I wanted to be a part of it. Allison: I'm very directed to ensemble casts, usually. I don't know if that's coming from theater or whatnot. I like when there are lots of different working pieces, and it all adds up to something as beautiful as this does. Jerry: Jim and Nat are just such a treat. I just talked to them. Allison: Oh you did? Jerry: How nice is it that the people who wrote it are also directing it and also in it? Allison: We both wish we were in scenes at the waterpark because I know they had a lot of fun there. It was great to see those scenes for the first time. I saw the movie at Sundance for the first time, and they are just hysterical. To have this succeed makes us doubly as happy for them because they're so great. Steve: And very deserving, I think. Jerry: The fact that their background is with the Rom Links, does that kind of permeate through the script, can you tell or is it kind of just a bonus? Steve: I think you can feel it in the script. I think they write from an improv background because they understand how people talk to each other. It doesn't seem like scripted dialogue. It seems like they improvised it together, or they picked up on dialogue that they were familiar with. So it seemed really real to me.

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