Zoolander 2: Watch the First Full Trailer Now!

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Zoolander is OLD!!

That's right. Once the world's most famous male model, the man who made Le Tigre, Magnum and Blue Steel famous looks is old (his best friend? Lame). 

What happens when you're past your prime? Why, you're called upon to infiltrate the world of fashion because the now-famous models are being killed after taking selfies with Blue Steel.

Ben Stiller is back as Derek Zooklander with Owen Wilson as his sidekick, Hansel. They're getting into all kinds of hijinks.

Hansel has so much faith in his buddy Zoolander that he even tries to see if Zoolander can still stop things with a look like he did a silver star a Magnum. 

The answer? Not so much.

After being pelted in the face with a few things, including a glass bottle, Zoolander suggest, "Maybe we can try a washcloth!"

Penelope Cruz stars as their handler, the poor gal who thinks it's a brilliant idea to bring them on board to save the day and infiltrate high fashion.

Benedict Cumberbatch is All, the current male model of the moment. Yes. This fictional world is something else.

Kristen Wiig does a hilarious turn as a frozen faced... bad guy? Not really sure.

And, of course, Will Farrell is back as the uber villain, Mugatu, doing very nefarious things, like throwing hot coffee onto his assistant. 

It seems as if a lot of the groovy guest stars, like Justin Bieber, will be the models dying with Blue Steel faces. That works perfectly, and will set the media ablaze with Blue Steel, which is just as we like it!

Take a look at the trailer, and mark your calendar for Friday, February 12, 2016. That's when Zoolander 2 hits theaters!

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